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Your Success Is Our Success.

Financial Planning, Investment Management, Asset Protection Solutions and Tax Planning Strategies  
for Busy Families with Complex Lives, Small Business Owners, and a unique focus on guiding Women both married and single, through each phase of life to Journey Confidently TM .

Jayne Di Vincenzo, CEO and her specialized team are here to help you get started, “One day… or day one. You decide.” – Unknown

Discover How We Help Investors

Successful Professionals

Women at Every Phase of Life

Busy Families with Special Circumstances

The Clients We Serve
Empower Our Passion for Planning

At Fiduciary EDGE Advisors, LLC we are committed to helping our clients streamline their financial lives:

women at every age and status- marriage/re-marriage, career advancement, divorce, loss of spouse and helping support or care for other family members.

High-achieving professionals, who are so busy thriving at work they need a solid, reliable financial partner to help them monitor investments, goals, savings and important plans and goals for the future.

Busy families with complicated lives-- business owners, retirees, THOSE owning homes in multiple states, wide range of investments and unique assets- apartment buildings, warehouses, farms, horses, collectibles and more, all with the aim of achieving a secure financial future.

Located in Savannah, Georgia, we offer a full range of financial planning and wealth management services to clients locally and virtually across the country.

You want to feel confident that you are making smart decisions about your money with a plan to achieve and sustain the lifestyle you desire. Work with a Fiduciary, the Fiduciary EDGE Advisors team is ready to help guide you.

Seize Today, Secure Tomorrow (TM)

multiple generations of women

Establishing Connections
With Those We Serve

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a unique approach based on individual client needs and our long-lasting relationships with those we work with, which often span generations.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

— Mahatma Gandhi

Busy Families with Complex Lives

Life moves fast while you juggle multiple responsibilities and priorities, yet you have accumulated more than $3 Million in investment assets and have a need for attention to the details including trimming taxes, protecting assets, continuing to grow your nest egg without undue risk, planning for your family and the causes important to you. We confidentially work with you and your trusted tax and legal advisors to execute customized strategies. We will communicate and streamline business and personal financial matters to help you plan income, expenses, investments, insurance, estate plans that are coordinated and monitored by your trusted Fiduciary EDGE Advisors’ team. 

High-Performing Professionals

As a professional, you have distinct needs and goals - you’re busy succeeding and growing in your profession, yet often don’t dedicate the needed time to planning for yourself and thinking about what you’re really working toward. Together, we’ll create your financial goals, help tackle the task list and guide you along the path to reaching them. 




You are unique. Your financial strategy should reflect your personal goals and needs.  Your plan is an extension of your values, resources and obligations. Life is always changing and we are here to guide you along the way from starting a business, getting married, planning for a child with special needs, getting divorced, experiencing a loss, we’ll help you navigate this new territory more confidently.

We’re Committed to Delivering Unmatched Service

As a firm, we believe in providing solutions and recommendations that best serve our clients. This begins with establishing a mutual fit. Our goal is to develop a partnership that lasts for years to come, in order to properly address your long-term goals and needs.